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Water for Reprocessing of Medical Devices and TIR34

The water used to reprocess a medical device needs to be of sufficient quality to ensure that the device is not damaged, and the patient will not be injured by contact with the device.


  • Device breakage do to corrosion of a surgical instrument

  • Toxic effects due to residual endotoxins

  • Patient infection caused by microbiologicals in rinse water

  • Ineffective detergent performance due to contaminants binding to detergent surfaces

AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) issued Technical Information Report (TIR) 34 in August 2014 to highlight water quality recommendations for critical rinse and utility water in central sterile applications. The purpose of these recommendations is to help minimize adverse patient events resulting from poor water quality. It is important to note that a TIR differs from a “standard,” which requires a more critical review process. While these are not yet AAMI standards, Following the recommendations here makes sense for patient safety as well as avoiding system replacement.

TIR 34 divides water types into two classes: Utility Water and Critical Water. Utility Water is used during the first stage of reprocessing. Critical Water is used for final rinse or steam generation. Please call NuStream Filtration at 937-949-3174 for information on systems designed for your needs.

NuStream Filtration systems require service to continually meet quality recommendations for Critical Water. Our team of expert dealers helps ensure that central sterile water systems are meeting your water quality standards. Call for a dealer near you that can provide ongoing service as well. Please contact for help with your central sterile water system. Or call 937-949-3174. Please visit for more details regarding TIR 34.

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