• Andrew Baker

Greenhouse Water for Propagation Areas

The water used for propagation areas in large and small greenhouses can benefit from Industrial and commercial grade reverse osmosis systems.


  • Device breakage do to corrosion of equipment

  • Iron buildup on root receptors

  • Root rot due to Pythium and water-borne borne fungal disease

  • Unpredictable elements (including iron and chemicals injected by municipalities) from entering into the nutrient mix

The initial investment for properly designed greenhouse water system can cost $20-40K but can have a fast return on investment through improved yield and prolonged service life for critical systems:

  • Propagation area

  • Nutrient solution

  • Mist systems

  • Cooling systems

  • Humidification systems

NuStream Filtration systems require service to continually meet water quality needs. Call for a dealer near you who can also provide ongoing service. Please contact for help with your water system. Or call 937-949-3174.

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