Horticulture Process Water


Commercial production of a premium product— whether it be orchids, craft beer or high-grade cannabis — requires full control of inputs, including water. Furthermore, the medical cannabis community is becoming increasingly aware that a pure product requires pure inputs, water being one of the most critical. Avoiding plant material contamination can only be achieved by scrutinizing every stage of the production process, from cultivation to packaging.

For modern growing practices, it’s particularly important to highlight the differences between industrial agriculture and cultivating a premium product on a commercial scale. There are many methods and technologies shared by the two, but the most important difference is that Big Agriculture is primarily concerned with volume, not quality.


The most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure a reliable source water profile is a commercial-scale reverse osmosis(RO) system. While RO as a requirement has been subject to debate, today’s commercial-scale cultivation professionals know it’s the single most affordable and least energy-intensive technology to produce pure water.

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