LITHO Water: A Print Water Solution


Press problems caused by fountain solution variability can lead to paper waste as well as valuable press time loss.  Existing water treatment plans often entail residential water treatment companies combined with expensive monthly fees for DI exchange tanks.  Many systems are in complete disrepair and are currently being ignored by facilities because they are under contract.  RO water offers low conductivity, consistent pH levels and is much less expensive to produce than DI water.  DI water often makes the fountain solution work harder to re-mineralize the treatment final solution.

A customer-centric approach to print water should entail:

  • Facilities training  

  • Plug and play solutions  

  • Low cost of ownership 

  • Consistent results.  


Visual cue maintenance is basic to the success of process water systems. Optimizing The valuable staff already taking care of the facility‚Äôs needs through training, signage and instructional renderings, helps keep costs in check and creates equipment and residual sales opportunities.

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