Water for Reprocessing of Medical Devices and TIR34

The water used to reprocess a medical device needs to be of sufficient quality to ensure that the device is not damaged, and the patient will not be injured by contact with the device. CLEAN WATER PREVENTS: Device breakage do to corrosion of a surgical instrument Toxic effects due to residual endotoxins Patient infection caused by microbiologicals in rinse water Ineffective detergent performance due to contaminants binding to detergent surfaces AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) issued Technical Information Report (TIR) 34 in August 2014 to highlight water quality recommendations for critical rinse and utility water in central sterile applications. The purpose

Greenhouse Water for Propagation Areas

The water used for propagation areas in large and small greenhouses can benefit from Industrial and commercial grade reverse osmosis systems. CLEAN WATER PREVENTS: Device breakage do to corrosion of equipment Iron buildup on root receptors Root rot due to Pythium and water-borne borne fungal disease Unpredictable elements (including iron and chemicals injected by municipalities) from entering into the nutrient mix The initial investment for properly designed greenhouse water system can cost $20-40K but can have a fast return on investment through improved yield and prolonged service life for critical systems: Propagation area Nutrient solution Mist systems Cooling systems Humidification syst

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