If you are an SPD Manager:

ST108 will require monthly testing of your critical water delivery system!

Scheduled for adoption in 2020,  AAMI Standard 108 will not allow for direct feed systems in central sterile processing any longer, and thank goodness!  The loop velocity of 3-5 feet per second being recirculated continuously through a 0.2 final filter will ensure that the last water that touches surgical instruments is free of bacteria and endotoxins.  This means less surgical site infections!!

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NuStream - Process Water Purification Systems

We will work with you to find custom solutions for your process water needs, from cooling tower filtration to commercial reverse osmosis systems, to Central Lab Type II distribution skids. Specializing in TIR34 Central Sterile water for medical instrument reprocessing.  

Cooling Tower Side Stream Filtration

CT70 High Efficiency Cooling Tower System Filter

Side Stream Filtration: The best way to stop airborne contaminants and waterborne deposits from reducing heat transfer efficiency and accelerated system corrosion.

Cooling tower loop filtration

CMF Microbiological Control

Charged Membrane Filtration for High-flow Legionella Control

Clean water in cooling tower operations has become a necessity. Most of the suspended particles in cooling loops are from 5 microns down to less that 1 micron in size. Highly efficient sub-micron filtration is the way to maintain a clean and safe cooling operation.

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WORKHORSE Professional Grade ROs

Reverse Osmosis Systems For Every Industry

Professional grade commercial and light industrial Reverse Osmosis for every industry. Designed for durability, flexibility and water conservation.


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TIR34 Compliant Healthcare Solutions

Central Sterile Hospital Systems Designed for Better Patient Outcomes

The Water used to reprocess a medical device needs to be of sufficient quality to ensure that the device is not damaged and the patient will not be injured by contact with the device.

Horticulture Water for Irrigation/Fertigation

Commercial production of a premium product

Whether it be orchids, craft beer or high-grade cannabis — Precision requires full control of inputs, including water. Furthermore, the medical cannabis community is becoming increasingly aware that a pure product requires pure inputs, water being one of the most critical. Avoiding plant material contamination can only be achieved by scrutinizing every stage of the production process, from cultivation to packaging.

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Chemical Pretreatment & Membrane Care

Lower Your Capital Equipment Expenditure While Reducing Your Consumable Cost and System Footprint With Our:


PT-Chlorine Destruct

Elongate membrane life and Save money on high/low pH membrane cleaning with our granulated products:

RO Clean-A

RO Clean-B                                                     

LITHO Water: A Print Water Solution

Reverse Osmosis System for Fountain Solution

Press problems caused by fountain solution variability can lead to paper waste as well as valuable press time loss. Existing water treatment plans often entail residential water treatment companies combined with expensive monthly fees for DI exchange tanks. Many systems are in complete disrepair and are currently being ignored by facilities because they are under contract. RO water offers low conductivity, consistent pH levels and is much less expensive to produce than DI water. DI water often makes the fountain solution work harder to re-mineralize the treatment final solution.

Brew-Meister: RO Water for Craft Brewing

Reverse Osmosis System for Breweries

The first ingredient in beer is water; the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure a reliable source water profile is a commercial-scale reverse osmosis(RO) system. While RO as a formulation requirement has been subject to debate, today’s craft breweries in the know realize it’s the single most affordable and least energy-intensive technology to produce a consistent batch.



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